Making a scene

Usually, words just flow as soon as my fingers hit the keyboard. I don’t have to do much work for it, the words are there, right in my fingertips, ready to be released. I start typing and the flow into a scene. I have to think more about grammar and punctuation (which are a bit problematic for me, as English is not my native language and I’m quite terrible at it) then about what happens.
Action scenes require a bit more attention, because the physics have to be (marginally) right. You can’t have someone running around with three or four arms, according to the text (well, unless the character in the story actually does have that many arms). So I have to think (and count) a bit harder.

But sometimes there’s a scene that just doesn’t want to be written. And it has to be, it is an important scene for the plot to progress. I love Scrivener for these scenes. Okay, I love Scrivener for all things writing at the moment, only their distraction-free mode is still a bit lacking. Would that I could use an external editor (WriteMonkey) for those fullscreen sessions…

Scrivener - Nexus_2012-12-13_12-30-41Back on topic. Scrivener as a snapshot function. Every text-bit (scenes in my configuration) can be saved into a snapshot, and rolled back if needed. Wonderful! It’s easy. Just go to the inspector and click the camera-button on the bottom of the screen.

Scrivener - Nexus_2012-12-13_12-30-22Now the inspector shows the snapshot list. This particular scene has three versions at the moment. Making another snapshot is easy: click the plus-sign on the top right of the inspector. You can give the snapshot a name, which can be useful. It could, for example, show what exactly you are not happy with, or are going to change. Anything you like. If you want to roll back to an earlier version, click the ‘Rollback’ button.

And this is but one of the very useful features of this software. Of course you can use any text editor and create different files for the different version. It’s what I used to do. This is more elegant, I think. More organized. Perhaps one day I’ll go back to this scene and look at the failed attempts. For now, I take the easy way out. I mostly scrap the scene. Quick and dirty. Tell some time has passed. Fill in the details later, perhaps by flashback, perhaps by having one of the characters tell about it. Or perhaps I will write it after all, if I ever find out myself what actually happened there.

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