Judging a book by its cover

One of the more difficult things of writing a novel is creating its cover.
Telling a story is easy. Granted, telling a story that captivates the audience and keeps them reading and enjoying what they read is a lot more difficult. Still, plotbunnies are always incessantly multiplying in my head. I can’t help it. I look at something and pop, there goes another bunny. It’s harder not to be creating stories all the time.

Nexus Alternative 1

Writing them down is a little harder. It’s more like closing your eyes, putting your hands on the keyboard, opening your eyes again because you’ve forgotten to start the writing-software (I’m using Scrivener almost exclusively now, even though I’d rather use Writemonkey’s distraction-free modus), then close them again. And let your fingers go. Just type. Anything. That’s actually what the NaNoWriMo is all about, but you can do it in any month you like.  I just write. Often I don’t know what I’m writing until I see it on the screen. Usually (if my eyes are open) that means that I frown a the text and wonder what twisted mind has come up with that one.

Nexus Alternative 2

So, storywriting is not that hard, even if it isn’t a readable story. Editing now, that’s awful. And hard. These days after the NaNo could be spend editing your novel. I’m not editing mine yet, apart from some minor tweaks and sometimes hunting for all the missing letters and/or words. Typing with your eyes closed is one great method to loose letters (or words) along the way. Mind you, I’m not writing blind on purpose, it’s just that I’m way too tired after a long day of intense concentration (work), juggling a lovely toddler, doing groceries, making diner and trying not to think about all the housecleaning that I should have done. When I’m finally getting to the favorite part of my day (writing), my eyes are half glued shut and like a junkie jonesing for just one more fix I force myself to stay awake another hour and write. Half of the time with my eyes closed. Until I’m finally giving up (around 22:00) and go to bed.

Editing, yes that’s difficult, because, unlike with writing, I need my eyes open. I have to take a very sharp knife and cut into my beloved work. It hurts. So I’m procrastinating, at least until the writing is finished.

Creating a cover now, that’s hard. I have want to do it early on, because an attractive cover on Smashwords means more downloads. More downloads means more readers and that in turn means more change to actually getting some feedback. Yes I have one faithful beta-reader whom I value very very very much for it. Creating covers is also just fun. But still hard.

I already had a cover, created during the NaNo, but I’m not entirely happy with it. I like clean covers and I like to use my own photo’s, not other people’s. And since I don’t have a bat-wing-skeleton lying around here, I needed something else. I do however have a fireplace, so while I was writing I had Frederique making some photos.

It resulted in two covers, and I’m curious to know which you like best.

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