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A new Piano

First four measures of “The heart asks pleasure first/ The Promise” from The Piano down. Playing that (quite) fluidly now. Many more to go, but getting there.
I’m constantly running into the limitations and quirks of the keyboard though. Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata requires lower registers than this little keyboard’s got. So, it’s off to the music store and buy a Yamaha P-105 digital piano.
Yes, fixing/replacing the roof can wait. It isn’t winter yet. Stop nagging.   [More...]

Don’t drink and drive…

Just crashed a motorcycle so thoroughly there’s nothing left but a smoking ruin of twisted metal.
In writing, of course. I still don’t have a driving license for one of those things. Which, as I come to think about it, would make it probably more easy to crash it into… well, anything. With or without me on it.
Since I am very fortunate not to have the experience of being dragged along the tarmac at a very high speed, I think this part of the scene still needs some work. And a lot of research. It’s a start, for now.
But I still want to, one day. Not the crashing. Getting a motorcycle driving license.   [More...]

What’s in a name

Names are important. A name should tell you something about the bearer of that name. Traits, habits, personality, or wishes for that person: happiness, wisdom, joy. In some cultures, the giving of a name is one that takes a lot of time and deliberation. A child remains unnamed until he or she has reached a certain age and a suitable name can be chosen or acquired. In other cultures names are given at birth and at certain special moments in life, either adding to the first name or replacing them.

Here in the Western world we usually don’t give that much thought to a name. We have to give a newborn a name a soon as possible because all kinds of official parties want to register the new human and need to know its name. And most of all, need to make sure it keeps that name. If names were changeable, it would result in total chaos. Or so I’m told.   [More...]

Writing by hand

Right. So I had this super long break at work today, and went to sit outside in the park, enjoying the sun while writing. And then I found out that something had gone wrong with the sleep-function on my laptop and it was out of juice.
Fortunately I still had my trusted Moleskine Reporter notebook with me with my fountain pen.Thus it was that I sat, lounging in the grass, enjoying the fact that at last we have some sunny summer days, while all around me people from different companies hurriedly stepped through their lunch-break-walkies, writing a lovely and poignant death-scene.
Sometimes I love my life   [More...]

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