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Funky scene

I’ve written 3680 words yesterday and am half-way through chapter 19, the last chapter of Book 3. This first part of this chapter turned out different from what I had intended. Mutiny again. Ever so often my characters go their own way, ignoring my carefully plotted outlines. Half of the time I have no idea what’s going on, not until my treacherous fingers type it and I can read it on the screen.
This chapter is weird though. A bit like my brain on acid. Even though it never has been, as far as I know.
Very weird. But perhaps I’ll keep it, it works for me, I guess. We’ll see at the re-read/re-write later this year.   [More...]

Trilogy in four parts

I finished the chapter, so yes, I’m allowed to update my status. Did some outlining for the next chapter and the start of the new book, then went on writing the last chapter of Book 3, Dragon.
There won’t be as much drama as in the other books, as most of it will be in the next part because of the split.

That makes it a bit hard to write, actually. It’s too calm and friendly and nice. I don’t do ‘nice’ very well. It is always in serious danger of getting boring. In the Nexus, your really don’t want ‘boring’.
‘Nice’ will be a bit relative, though, as Adam gets the last word this time. I really love that character. Of all of them, I think he resembles me quite a bit. Or at least, how I might have been. Or maybe even how I might, on a dark and moonless night, secretly might have *wanted* to be. How disturbing is that?
Still, writing him is the most fun, and I think it shows.   [More...]

A day off from reality

Took a day off from reality (er, payed day-job) and plan to spend it writing. So much inspiration for doing very unpleasant things to my characters and hardly any time.
So, bye Facebook, I’m going to try not to look at you before I have finished at least another chapter.

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