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Writing Excuses podcasts

I have listened to the first season of this amazing series of podcasts:, by one of my favorite authors, Brandon Sanderson.
These podcasts are a veritable goldmine. I have learned a lot from just that first season, and it mostly shows me that I have a very long way to go. It doesn’t matter. Writing is a process and I can learn as I go.

This evening I went back to the beginning, looking back on the Nexus books as a whole, and started to create a more structured outline, paying attention to area’s that need a lot more attention. I try to find the structures in the story (3-act, a bit of romance) and see if I can straighten out the straying parts.
Already I have a better feel for the global arcs and the relationship between Cyrilla, Wessel and Dariën.   [More...]

Nexus book 4 – Ever After – on Leanpub

I have published the first two chapters of the latest Nexus book, Ever After, to Leanpub.

This evening I will upload the last chapters of the third book, after which that one will be finished (for the first draft; let’s not kid ourselves, there’s a lot of work still to be done!)
Don’t hesitate to pick up a copy, it’s free after all:

From Scrivener to Leanpub in One Step

Writing – and publishing, early – with LeanPub   [More...]

Tweets 2013-07-01

Wow! Did two or three hours over just 1118 words for #Nexus. Scene is not difficult, just… unexpected. Don't know what's gonna happen.   [More...]

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