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Write something different to excercise the mind

Post by Zane Mckenzie.

Dealing with a stubborn scene

Sometimes there are scenes that keep resisting. What I learned from the Writing Excuses Podcasts was that this probably meant that the scene just wasn’t right.
So, the last few days I went back to the drawing table (alright, outlining table) and had a good talk with the characters and the plot in general.

It wasn’t easy. They obviously didn’t want to go in the direction I wanted them eventually to go. Which doesn’t surprise me at all. I *like* those characters, they’ve grown on me, even though they weren’t originally planned to be there. And while I don’t like what I’m about to do to them, messed up as I am, in a way I still secretly *do*. <insert very evil laugh here>.   [More...]

Back to work

Finally, after a month of being stuck, writing again. Outlining done, analyzed the problem with the stubborn resisting scene.
Then lured two of my former muses into having diner with me and covertly picked their brains and made them talk until I could find the voice I needed again.

Now, if I only actually had *time* to write, instead of doing groceries, house cleaning, raising my wee baern and having a frightfully demanding day-job.

Overcoming writer’s block

Don’t Wait For That Stubborn Muse! By Barbara Alvarez   [More...]

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