NaNoWriMo 2013 – Cover

This isn’t the easiest story to write, especially with the separate-yet-the-same storylines. I needed to brainstorm the plot with some vigor, and spend my woozy Saturday on that.
Today I felt more like creating the Cover. A book needs a cover, especially for me when writing. It makes it more real, more alive.

I’m not entirely sure about the cover but it’s probably close. What do you think?

Cover: The Day



  • It’s okay, but to be honest, the title font is a little too… common? It looks like you emboss & beveled and in my opinion that always screams generic. As a potential customer, if I were deciding on whether to purchase it on looks alone, I probably wouldn’t. (That sounded worse than I meant it too, I’m honestly just trying to give you constructive criticism)

    • You are correct, the font is very common. I tried it with all kinds of fonts-manipulations, but in the end Readability won out (at first I wanted a distressed, grungy feel to the text).
      Maybe I’ll change this later when I have more time to create something that is both readable as a small thumbnail (a requirement for ebooks published on the Web) and interesting.

      • A great font that is both grungy and distressed and usually equally readable is Base02. It’s a block font, so it’s thicker but still has that wrecked look to it. If you need any help or want someone else to design it for you, I’ve done my fair share of web graphics. No charge or anything (I’m just a freelancer!) Or if you ever need another second opinion, I’m your girl. Good Luck with NaNo this year. ๐Ÿ™‚

        • I have checked out the font and it looks really great. Maybe I’ll do something with it. However, it is for personal use only, so the chance is slim. Now for the NaNo cover it will do, but if I want to publish the short story (even though it is for free) I can’t use Base02 ๐Ÿ™‚
          I will remember your offer for help! That’s very kind, thank you.

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