About Zane McKenzie

Imaginer of the Fantastic

Painter of the Strange

Tamer of dragons

Herder of cats.

Madcap musician,

Magician of words.

Chronicler of the hidden

Sword wielding bane

And maybe once in a blue moon

A little bit sane.


No, that isn’t meant to be a disjointed poem. It’s a very accurate character description of me (although maybe not everything always at the same time) cobbled together from the views of my friends, past and present. I don’t have many, maybe the above stated explains why.

Usually, if people ask me to tell them something about me, I respond by telling them to read my books.
When people say that I’m so reserved and closed to them In Real Life(tm), I tell them to read my books.
Sometimes when people complain that they thought they knew me but feel confused because of something I did or said, I tell them they could have known me if they had read my books.

Really. If you want to know who I am, it’s easy. Open one of my stories, anyone of them, and you will see my soul spread out over the characters. More intimate than that you won’t get without buying me diner first. A very expensive and luxurious diner. Maybe a good single malt whisky? No?


I’m Zane McKenzie and <takes a deep steadying breath >and I am a writer.

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