Dealing with a stubborn scene

Sometimes there are scenes that keep resisting. What I learned from the Writing Excuses Podcasts was that this probably meant that the scene just wasn’t right.
So, the last few days I went back to the drawing table (alright, outlining table) and had a good talk with the characters and the plot in general.

It wasn’t easy. They obviously didn’t want to go in the direction I wanted them eventually to go. Which doesn’t surprise me at all. I *like* those characters, they’ve grown on me, even though they weren’t originally planned to be there. And while I don’t like what I’m about to do to them, messed up as I am, in a way I still secretly *do*. <insert very evil laugh here>.   [More...]

Back to work

Finally, after a month of being stuck, writing again. Outlining done, analyzed the problem with the stubborn resisting scene.
Then lured two of my former muses into having diner with me and covertly picked their brains and made them talk until I could find the voice I needed again.

Now, if I only actually had *time* to write, instead of doing groceries, house cleaning, raising my wee baern and having a frightfully demanding day-job.

Overcoming writer’s block

Don’t Wait For That Stubborn Muse! By Barbara Alvarez   [More...]

Writing Excuses podcasts

I have listened to the first season of this amazing series of podcasts:, by one of my favorite authors, Brandon Sanderson.
These podcasts are a veritable goldmine. I have learned a lot from just that first season, and it mostly shows me that I have a very long way to go. It doesn’t matter. Writing is a process and I can learn as I go.

This evening I went back to the beginning, looking back on the Nexus books as a whole, and started to create a more structured outline, paying attention to area’s that need a lot more attention. I try to find the structures in the story (3-act, a bit of romance) and see if I can straighten out the straying parts.
Already I have a better feel for the global arcs and the relationship between Cyrilla, Wessel and Dariën.   [More...]

Nexus book 4 – Ever After – on Leanpub

I have published the first two chapters of the latest Nexus book, Ever After, to Leanpub.

This evening I will upload the last chapters of the third book, after which that one will be finished (for the first draft; let’s not kid ourselves, there’s a lot of work still to be done!)
Don’t hesitate to pick up a copy, it’s free after all:

From Scrivener to Leanpub in One Step

Writing – and publishing, early – with LeanPub   [More...]

Tweets 2013-07-01

Wow! Did two or three hours over just 1118 words for #Nexus. Scene is not difficult, just… unexpected. Don't know what's gonna happen.   [More...]

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