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Nexus book 4 – Ever After – on Leanpub

I have published the first two chapters of the latest Nexus book, Ever After, to Leanpub.

This evening I will upload the last chapters of the third book, after which that one will be finished (for the first draft; let’s not kid ourselves, there’s a lot of work still to be done!)
Don’t hesitate to pick up a copy, it’s free after all:

From Scrivener to Leanpub in One Step

Writing – and publishing, early – with LeanPub   [More...]

Trilogy in four parts

I finished the chapter, so yes, I’m allowed to update my status. Did some outlining for the next chapter and the start of the new book, then went on writing the last chapter of Book 3, Dragon.
There won’t be as much drama as in the other books, as most of it will be in the next part because of the split.

That makes it a bit hard to write, actually. It’s too calm and friendly and nice. I don’t do ‘nice’ very well. It is always in serious danger of getting boring. In the Nexus, your really don’t want ‘boring’.
‘Nice’ will be a bit relative, though, as Adam gets the last word this time. I really love that character. Of all of them, I think he resembles me quite a bit. Or at least, how I might have been. Or maybe even how I might, on a dark and moonless night, secretly might have *wanted* to be. How disturbing is that?
Still, writing him is the most fun, and I think it shows.   [More...]

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