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Don’t drink and drive…

Just crashed a motorcycle so thoroughly there’s nothing left but a smoking ruin of twisted metal.
In writing, of course. I still don’t have a driving license for one of those things. Which, as I come to think about it, would make it probably more easy to crash it into… well, anything. With or without me on it.
Since I am very fortunate not to have the experience of being dragged along the tarmac at a very high speed, I think this part of the scene still needs some work. And a lot of research. It’s a start, for now.
But I still want to, one day. Not the crashing. Getting a motorcycle driving license.   [More...]

Funky scene

I’ve written 3680 words yesterday and am half-way through chapter 19, the last chapter of Book 3. This first part of this chapter turned out different from what I had intended. Mutiny again. Ever so often my characters go their own way, ignoring my carefully plotted outlines. Half of the time I have no idea what’s going on, not until my treacherous fingers type it and I can read it on the screen.
This chapter is weird though. A bit like my brain on acid. Even though it never has been, as far as I know.
Very weird. But perhaps I’ll keep it, it works for me, I guess. We’ll see at the re-read/re-write later this year.   [More...]

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