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Blast from the Past

It’s remarkable what a woozy mind can come up with when it’s night and it should have been asleep. Staying in bed unable to sleep is useless, so when that happens, I usually get up and do some computering. Lately, computering consists of ‘writing’ (or as in tonight’s case, outlining).

In the original ZaakX book, there was a wee little water sprite called Pwyll. Those who read that awful first draft know what it’s ultimate fate was. It was blasted into vapor by Cyrilla, at the end of the book. For no real reason, except that it had been foretold, loooooong time ago. Fact is, it was totally pointless, the whole sprite. So in rewriting the book into Nexus, I cut Pwyll out.
But just as with some other characters, it had a mind of its own and returned in the form of Paul.
Pauls character in ZaakX was ‘Ping Pong’. Now there’s a name to inspire fear and awe and such. He had a tiny chapter full of sillyness. But he was in a futile kind of way important for the plot, thin as it was. So, Paul became Ping Pong, and that was that.
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