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NaNoWriMo 2013 – Up close and personal

Writing – and especially being read is sometimes more intimate than sex.
There. I’ve said it. You can frown at it, wonder about it, even think: “What the hell are you writing, Zane?” or for maybe even: “How bad is your sex-life?!”, but for most writers this is true. I think. I haven’t actually asked most of them, but I’ve heard different writers say this over the last few years, and to me it has always been true, ever since I started writing fiction at 9 years old.   [More...]

NaNoWriMo 2013 – Reckless Abandon

There is  nothing as dangerous as a little knowledge. The saying goes something like that. It is late and my brain is marinating in Glenfiddich 18 y/o, so I don’t know who actually said it and what the quote was.

It does apply to the NaNoWriMo though. For me at least. Last year I managed to write as one should at the NaNoWriMo. With reckless abandon. Like crazy. Verbal diarrhea. I pumped out words by the scores. pouring them into my keyboard until the keys glowed red-hot and smoke wafted from the mechanisms.   [More...]

NaNoWriMo 2013 – Cardboard Characters

One of the things a writer can hardly avoid is characters. Almost all stories have at least one character, most have several. You have a story you want to tell, there are more characters in there than just the main character, so how do you keep the others interesting?

There are two kinds of characters. Viewpoint and (doh) non-Viewpoint. Which can be subdivided into sidekicks, supporting cast and extras.
The Viewpoint characters have their story told from their perception. The story enters their mind and the camera shows the story unfold through their eyes. Since George R.R. Martin‘s “A Song of Ice and Fire” series the multiple viewpoint books have risen in popularity, both by readers and writers. This is however an old construct that existed pre-Martin. Nexus (then called “ZaakX”) already had that structure, and many more books do.   [More...]

NaNoWriMo 2013 – But where to find the time…

Someone asked me this question:

Dear Zane. I’m participating in the NaNoWriMo for the first time this year. It’s so hard to find the time to write, especially when you have little children and a job. How do you do it?

It is a question that pops up every NaNoWriMo. Every writer has a period in his life when he asks himself this question: where do I find the time. Especially when you have a day job, whether that is your child(ren) or a job, or both.

The answer is simple. It can be hard. Especially for new NaNoWriMo’s. Last year I managed to rush through those 50.000 words by spending all my off-work time on writing. I hardly cooked, I neglected my child and spouse. I finished early, but it just wasn’t worth it. Last year I had a story I desperately wanted to tell. It was an accumulation of about 14 years not-writing. A dam broke at the start of November and I had to ride the flood wave in order to stay on top of it.   [More...]

Tweets 2013-07-01

Wow! Did two or three hours over just 1118 words for #Nexus. Scene is not difficult, just… unexpected. Don't know what's gonna happen.   [More...]

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